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Your one-stop solution for all your MacBook problems

At iPremium India, you can find a fix for all your MacBook problems. Our Macbook Service Center in Bangalore provided all sorts of repairs and parts replacements.

It does not matter whether the warranty on your MacBook is up or not, we can always find a solution for it. We have an expert team to diagnose the problems with your MacBook and provide you with Macbook Pro Repair Bangalore.

Are you worried about the cost of repairing? Well, you should not be because we offer repairs at very affordable prices. The cost of repairing at iPremium India will not break your bank. When it comes to replacement we will only charge you a fair amount for our services rendered and the rest is the cost of the new replacement.

Our services are not only affordable but also fast. We do not keep your MacBook in our service centre for too long because we understand that it is a headache to handle work without a proper notebook at hand.

Whether it is a new MacBook or an old one, we can always arrange parts that need replacing. You can get a Macbook Air Battery Replacement here at iPremium India.

If you are looking for a MacBook service centre in Bangalore, do not forget to give us a call!

Services we offer

At iPremium India, we offer plenty of services for MacBook users. Take a look:

Display repair

When it comes to the screen, if it is flickering or there's a scratch, it can be irritating to work on it or even watch a movie on the screen. Instead of buying a new MacBook, you get your display screen repaired at iPremium India, MacBook Service centre, for half the price.

Our technicians will take a look at your provide you with a brand new display screen that will be without any scratches and flickering!

Battery replacement

As it is with every device the battery starts losing its ability to retain power as it ages. This is the same for a MacBook as well. The older your MacBook is, the more battery problems you will face. But do not worry we can fix it by providing you with a Macbook Air Battery Replacement.

It is very important to change your battery as soon as possible when you face battery problems because it can be very dangerous for you to use a device with a bloated battery. Do not take the risk instead bring your laptop to Macbook Pro Repair Bangalore.

We do not deal with duplicate products, so the battery replaced will be all original Apple products. Hence the MacBook Air Battery Replacement will also be authentic.

Keyboard fixes

The MacBook almost becomes useless when the keyboard stops working. You can not type in the commands neither can you type your latest assignment on it, but we can fix the issue in an instant. We replace the malfunctioning keyboard and get you a brand new keyboard and yes all original! Keyboard fixes do not take too long, so you can get it fixed in a few hours!

Motherboard fixes

Motherboard failures are the worst thing that can happen to a MacBook user. It is nothing less than a nightmare. Although motherboard failures are not common with MacBooks, you can turn out to be unlucky for that day.

We have professionals who can fix complex motherboard problems and help your MacBook load back up again. Motherboard fixes take time as well as money.


Is your MacBook not turning on despite how many times you press the on button? It is highly possible that your MacBook has died on. No this does not mean that your MacBook has entered the afterlife, it simply means that there some internal power problem and hence your MacBook is not starting.

Sometimes the problem can lie in your motherboard as well as your hard disk. We need to inspect it thoroughly to diagnose the cause and fix it.


We all have the bad habit of eating and drinking while we are working on our macbook or watching something and this is how accidents occur. If you have spilt soup or coffee on your MacBook, do not panic just give MacBook Pro Repair Bangalore a call and we will be right at your doorstep to inspect the device.

Why choose us?

  • Affordable
    Fair repair and replacement costs.
  • Pick up and drop
    We will come and pick up your MacBook and then bring it back to you once it is fixed.
  • Quick service
    Get your MacBook fixed and ready within 3 days
  • Certified technicians
    Only experts who know what they are doing will be working on your device.

Frequent Asked Questions

Yes, we will. You do not have to move an inch, just give us a call and tell us the issue.

Yes, we only provide original Apple products and nothing else.

As a matter of fact, we do provide repairs for iPad, as well as the iPhone.

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We listed 199 reasons why you should choose us. We value your time more than anything, so we decided to give you just half-a-dozen reasons why we you should choose iPremium Apple service center in Bangalore.

Certified Technicians

Did you know that Apple actually has training, yearly exams and certification process for technicians fixing Apple devices? Yes, it does. And passing those exams and getting certified is not easy. The minimum cut-off is 85%. iPremium staff consists of Apple Certified Technicians. Would you consult an “unqualified doctor”?

Quality & Warranty

We want iPremium to be top class Apple service center in Bangalore. We believe, for us to achieve that level of success, quality is the key. We are committed to great quality work. And, because we believe in the quality of our parts as well as our work, we are able to provide you with warranty up to one full year.

Pick and Drop

We understand that you are a busy person. And we want to make your life easier by picking the device, fixing it and delivering it at your doorstep. Need we say more, we care for you!

Fast Service

We don’t want to keep you away from your favorite devices for long. We are continuously targeting fixing your devices at ‘lightning speeds’. We would like to be the Superman – his flight speed is superluminal, which means faster than the speed of light. Jokes apart, we really provide you the fastest service we can.


We always keep in you ‘in the know’. Communication is one of our strong suits.


As an extension of transparency, there will be no hidden charges involved. We provide you with complete details, accurately, for you to make an informed decision.



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To reach our Apple service center in Bangalore, you can call us at 88844 17766 or email us at [email protected] or fill out the form above to explain the issue and book an appointment.

Expert Visit

iPremium experts can offer on-site repair if possible, else we can pick the device, fix and deliver them at your place. Alternatively you can visit one of our iPremium Apple service center in Bangalore locations: HSR layout, Koramangala and on BEL Road.

Easy Payment

Pay with cash, card or even PayTM, as per your convenience.


YES, Apple Service Fundamentals Exam. ACMT 2016 Mac Service Certification Exam.

Normally for general services it takes 15 to 20 min for all the models, and other spares like display, battery, keyboard, trackpad, etc will take less than 1hour. MLB repair has no time depends on the issues. May take one or 2 days as well

Well you need check with store people what quality parts they are using because in Bangalore there are fake apple products also which doesn’t give life to MacBook. User can understand by comparing the parts.

MacBook air older then 2016 shouldn’t cost more than 5000rs.

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I had a broken iPhone 6S display. After checking out a couple Apple service centers in Bangalore I visited iPremium at HSR Layout on 3rd January. I was impressed both by the staff and the price they quoted. The price was much better than the other two centers that I’d checked. Within about 40-45 minutes the screen was replaced, and my phone looked like new. I really recommend iPremium. These guys are good!

Gurvinder Singh Ghumman

I had to get my iPad Screen Replacement done after my iPad Mini screen got shattered.Next day it was picked up and the day after, delivered, at doorstep, good as new. Excellent service!


Exceptional customer service. Got my broken iPhone 6 screen fixed. The technician did the iPhone screen replacement in less than half an hour. It works great. Highly recommend Ipremium India. Totally fascinated with their iPhone service.


I was only going to be in town a short time. I was able to walk in and drop off my devise and it was ready within a couple of hours. Very professional. They answered my emails within hours.


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