Ways to fix your broken iPhone 6 screen

Your device – the product designed and marketed by Apple, iPhone 6 is very delicate. We have various special features to access in iPhone 6, which is the prime reason to choose it over many other well-rated smartphones. Smartphones are primarily powered by iOS, Android, Windows, and some latest ones by Google too. iPhone 6 is powered by the iOS 8, an Apple brand self-developed mobile operating system.

iPhone 6

This device is very sleek and smooth by grip allowance. It has happened with many that while bringing the device from the pocket it has slipped from the user’s hand, or while taking it out from the bag it has slipped, and by other ways of an accident the iPhone 6 has dropped and cost screen damage – sometimes lightly and sometimes major damage. If this iPhone screen is broken it is very difficult to repair it at home. Unlike other smartphones are relatively easy to fix hardware issues at home with slight knowledge. But, for iPhone 6 screen repair, one should know the exact procedure to handle the case, to open – to fix – to reassemble – the gadget or equipment required for the mechanism.

Read below to acquire the methods needed to fix your iPhone 6 by yourself!!!

Types of equipment needed are

  1. screwdriver of 1.5 mm “+” tip
  2. A tool similar to a wedge
  3. A pair of tweezers
  4. A vacuum suction cup puller

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Steps to fix your iPhone 6 screen

Remove the 2 Pentalobe screws from the bottom 

Take off the 2 Pentalobe screws from the device, at the bottom perpendicular to the home button. A suction cup can be used to pull the screen off from it’s back by using it at the bottom side.

Open from the bottom left corner

Remove the screen top from the back. Open the screen vertically like a right angle while it is connected to the back.

Take off the 2 screws and battery socket

Take off the 2 screws that are holding the battery connector bracket, then use the tweezer to take out the bracket. Then you should take off the battery connector from its socket by wedging.

Remove a host of screws from the front panel

Take off the 3 screws in a triangle formation at the bottom of the bracket and then the other 2 screws at the top left and top right of the bracket. And pull off the bracket smoothly.

Disconnect certain cables to detach the screen

Now, to detach the screen we need to disconnect the following cables connected:-

  1. The bottom-right home-button cable connector
  2. Top-left display data cable connector
  3. Remaining digitizer cable connector

Unscrew earpiece speaker bracket and remove the speaker

Take off the necessary screws holding the earpiece speaker bracket. Once done, gently remove the bracket by removing the screws on the bracket and then take off the speaker.

Take out the light sensor

The light sensor is situated just beneath the front-facing camera.

Take off the LCD shield

Unscrew the 6 screws holding the LCD shield, three on each side, and 1 screw at the bottom of the plate. Now, quickly release the top of the plate up from the front panel. Detach the LCD shield.

Finally, once you are done removing all the necessary parts, change the iPhone 6 screen along with the Home Button comes with it. And follow the steps in reverse to gradually fix all the parts and screws and start using your iPhone 6.

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