Most common MacBook Pro Battery Issues and How to Fix Them

Low battery sucks!! Especially, if you have an older version of MacBook which commonly suffers from battery issues!! But, in case this type of problem is more rapid with your device then it is the high time!! You should now analyze the issue along with the solution.Low Battery Issue

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Usual MacBook Pro Battery Issues and their solutions

There are many issues that can have an adverse impact on battery life. They are as follows:


If the battery is getting low very often it implies that you are overusing your phone. It is most likely when your way of using the device changes. In other words, this issue is possible when you are more into multitasking.

The way of fixing it: You will get to know about the most battery draining application of your phone simply by selecting the battery symbol given on the extreme left of your device. This icon will demonstrate the app consuming more power. You can work out on this issue by closing the app left open at the background or by cutting down multitasking.

Malfunction of your Wall Adapter

You know every time it is not the fault of your Macbook sometimes it is the accessories that come up with an error. Symptoms of a malfunction wall adapter are as follows:

  • You will  find sparks while plugging the charge in
  • Its LED is not on
  • The device is not charged properly

Ways of fixing it: You can try any of the following options:

  • Remove dirt from the MagSafe connector and the port of the charger
  • You can to for another wall outlet
  • Find out the pins in the MagSafe connector which are stuck. If so, unplug it from your MacBook or just push it to any side and extricate them.
  • Accessing the wrong settings

The default settings of your computer are gulping the charge during your work session.

Ways of fixing it: Follow these basic settings to avoid battery draining:

  • The brightness of the screen: Lowering the brightness to some extent will not only help in the long life of the battery but also will have a less damaging effect on your eyes.
  • Bluetooth: Turn the Bluetooth off when you are not using such a supported device.
  • Backlighting of keyboard: The keyboard is nicely illuminating when lit. However, adjust the settings with F5 if you want longer battery life.

Poor battery

The probable cause of such a condition is the end of the battery lifespan or due to the accidental fall of your lappy.

The way of fixing it: Changing the battery is not the ultimate solution. Still, you must check your battery status. Click on the top-left Apple men. On holding the options tab you will come across the options-“About this Mac”-System information-Power.  The condition of the battery is displayed on the screen.

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