iPremium India Tech Hack for a Good Battery Life


Almost all of us iPhone users look forward to the battery on our phones to last till the end of the day. We are increasing our usage day by day. On an average, a person’s phone screen time will be around 4 hours in a day.

If your device is quite old, there are chances that the phone’s battery can fail depending on the usage and charging pattern. This is majorly because the battery degrades on getting old and is only capable of hardly 500 charge cycles. If at all you are suspicious of your phone’s battery life, you can walk into a iPremium India store which is an Apple authorised service center in Bangalore. You can just walk in for a battery check up and we can advise you on what to do next.

You can do a simple battery test by yourself by going to the ‘Settings’ and ‘Battery’, opening ‘Battery Health’ which will display the general battery capacity of your iPhone. If it says your battery is fine but it isn’t lasting for long, you can follow the following tips suggested your iPhone authorised service center iPremium India to last your battery for long.


  1. iPremium India Tech Tip:
    Keeping the Brightness Low: Higher the screen brightness, the higher power is consumed from the battery, leading in quicker power drain. Keeping the brightness low will help the battery last longer.
  2. iPremium India Tech Tip:
    Turning off the Location: If the location is turned on in your phone, it is prone to the different apps in your phone requesting to enable access location for the app, which processes more load on the battery. You can turn off the location services in the ‘Settings’ which will make the battery more efficient.
  3. iPremium India Tech Tip:
    Wi-Fi over 4G: Your phone will look out for strong signals when there is a poor connection or signal by your 3G or 4G service provider, which will drain the battery sooner. When on Wi-fi, the device will not hunt for more signals.
  4. iPremium India Tech Tip:
    Low Power Mode: Every smartphone device has the feature of ‘low power mode’, which will enable the phone to reduce the performance which directly affects the battery for longer during the day.


Lastly you save on your battery for the rest of the day, have a check on the Apps which are at use and are running in the background. The most recent apps used shall also be cleared for efficiency. ‘Raise to Wake’ feature in the display setting is a quicker way for the battery to drain soon. Although this is a convenient feature to use and is very handy, this will use unnecessary loads of power from the battery. Turning this off can be an efficient way to save battery.

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