iPhone X Screen Replacement Simplified

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When You Need iPhone X Screen Replacement

iphone x

There are multiple issues that your iPhone X may face which requires iPhone X Screen Replacement. You should always make sure about the exact issue that your iPhone X is facing for the proper diagnosis of the device. One of the few reasons are listed below –

  • Touchscreen not working // Multi-Touch not working // Unexpected touch registered
  • Broken Screen // Damaged//Cracked Screen
  • Lines on the display of iPhone // Incorrect display color calibration
  • 3D touch is not working
  • Bad OLED display
  • iPhone screen coming out of the panel // Unintentional battery drain

The above issues may occur due to various possible reasons like –

  • iPhone falling by accident
  • Liquid damage to the iPhone
  • A bulge in the iPhone battery which led to the screen lifting out of the panel
  • Manufacturing defect

Type of Replacement You Can Choose From

Low Price Cheap Quality

Low priced iPhone X screen replacement is easily available in the market. You can procure the cheap iPhone X screen replacement parts in any of the local stores near you. The only advantage you get from selecting this type is the easy availability and low cost.

However, you will be compromising on the quality of the product. It will affect your color scheme, pixel ration, and brightness which will not be anywhere closer when compared to the original screen. Your 3D touch experience will also be ruined as the responsiveness of the original screen cannot be replicated in the cheaper versions. Another huge disadvantage of using a cheap screen is that the duplicate connectors may end up damaging other components in the original board of the iPhone X.

Genuine Apple Display Parts (Provided at iPremiumIndia)

If you wish to get back the original touch, feel and display of the iPhone screen, you need to employ certified technicians who use genuine Apple display parts to repair it. At iPremiumIndia, we have exactly the same and you have the option of pick up and drop from your home.

Usage of genuine Apple parts ensures that you do not have to face the issue of an improper function or issues with display quality or safety. The iPhone display is engineered with the iOS software and usage of nongenuine parts may result in compatibility or performance issues.

Why Should You Not Try To Fix The Screen On Your Own

It is always tempting to try repairing the iPhone screen issue yourself, especially with the availability of several DIY videos on the internet. However, the strategy to do self-repair in hope of saving a few bucks may backfire on you. In the process of self-repairing, you could further damage the device which would only add to the expenses that you were trying to save. Hand over the device into the capable hand of certified technicians who have been trained to diagnose and repair the device.

The time needed to repair/replace iPhone X screen

The time taken to repair or replace the screen depends on the various factors and may range from 1 hour to 1 day. It also depends on how many device are in turn to be repaired which may increase the wait time for the repairing of your device. However, at iPremiumIndia, we make it a goal to expedite all repair tasks keeping the utmost quality in mind to ensure that our customers are not parted from their beloved device for much long…

Why Choose iPremium India

At iPremiumIndia, we provide proper diagnosis and solutions for all your Apple device. We have certified and experienced technicians at our disposal who aim to bring your device back to its original condition. Also, only genuine parts are used by us which gives us the confidence to give you a 12 months warranty on the replaced screen.

  • Quality – Verified Certified Technicians. Usage of only genuine parts
  • Warranty – 12 Months Screen Replacement warranty
  • Payment – We accept all forms of payment – Card, UPI & cash
  • Centers – HSR layout & Electronic City

Where & How To Get The Service

You can walk into an iPremiumIndia Service store in HSR layout and Electronic City to get your screen repaired. We also provide pick up and drop service all across Bangalore. You can get your iPhone checked at your home and get the diagnosis. After your confirmation, the iPhone will be collected by our certified technicians to carry on the repairing work in our service center.

You have the option of selecting the pick-up and drop timing as per your convenience. iPremiumIndia is open 7 days a week (10 A.M – 7 P.M) so be assured that weekends will not come in the way of getting your beloved iPhone repaired.

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